Let’s put the United States back on the path to prosperity.

Welcome to Americans for Hope, Growth and Opportunity (AHGO), a new nonprofit organization committed to promoting economic and fiscal policies that will put the United States back on the path to prosperity.

For the last six-plus years, America has been subjected to Big Government policies that have let us down on jobs, GDP growth, welfare, health care and a host of other issues.

Our broken tax system rewards the well-connected while punishing hard-working Americans.

Health care reforms have given government even more control of a market it doesn't understand.

Bureaucrats in Washington are manipulating the value of our money for their own ends.

These and other policies have made it harder for the average American family to make ends meet, much less to thrive.

The good news is that we have a chance to change course and pursue an economic agenda that promotes hope, growth and opportunity for all.

AHGO is a coalition of Americans who understand a simple truth: free markets, sound money and the flat tax are the best ways to build a strong economy. More importantly, we are committed to fighting for these principles in the public square.

The AHGO website is full of great information about:

  • how a simple, straightforward and transparent flat tax can restore fairness to a badly broken tax code
  • how patient-centered reforms can fix health care once and for all
  • how implementing a sound money policy – including reinstating the gold standard to protect the value of the U.S. dollar – can strengthen the U.S. economy

It's also full of opportunities for you to make your voice heard. Sign up to receive updates on these important issues and to share AHGO petitions calling on elected officials and candidates to support tax, health care and fiscal reforms that will strengthen America. Don't just be an observer in the fight for America's future!


Steve Forbes
Honorary Chairman
Americans for Hope, Growth and Opportunity