It's Time to Face Economics Facts

As a nation, we must ask ourselves: are we content with a mediocre growth in jobs and the economy?

It's time to face facts: the Keynesian economic experiment has failed. Despite five years of the so-called Recovery and Investment Act, America still staggers through the worst economic recovery since the 1930s.

We now have to choose between doubling down on the Big Government policies that have let us down on jobs, GDP growth, welfare, healthcare and other issues, or restoring an economic agenda that promotes hope, growth and opportunity.

Immediate Steps for Growth

The new Congress and the next president can take immediate steps to get our economy back on the right tracks.

The Moral Case for Small Government

Proponents of Big Government argue that it is synonymous with compassion, and that Big Government is the only way to protect people against adversity. This fundamental belief in government as an unassailable moral force has helped drive government to a size unprecedented in our country – from less than 10 percent of GDP in 1929 to over 35 percent today.

None of this has brought about a full recovery or resulted in a more humane society.

Free markets, sound money and a Flat Tax are not only the best options for the economy, they are the most moral options, and provide the best opportunity for people improving their lives.

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