Fed Meddling Creates Economic Uncertainty

Sound Money
Steve Forbes, Honorary Chairman of AHGO, talks about the need for a sound monetary policy

Many of the major problems which plague us today, from anemic growth to high food prices to high government debt, have roots in the distortions and volatility which are the by-products of fiat money and Federal Reserve meddling.

Stability trumps just about everything else when it comes to money. Because they don't grasp this simple fact, bureaucrats rarely get it right when they manipulate monetary policy to achieve economic or social goals.

The key to a successful monetary policy is maintaining a stable value for the dollar. Money is the foundation of trust and cooperation in the market and in all society. When money becomes unstable, trust unravels. Throughout history, inflation and loose money have been associated with higher rates of crime, corruption, political polarization, and unrest.

An Honest Dollar = Sound Economy

A monetary system based on sound and stable currencies is our best hope of finally achieving a genuine recovery, one which would usher in a new era of material progress.

Good money is not a partisan issue.

Good money is not a partisan issue. Leaders on both sides of the political spectrum can support policies that will result in new jobs, trillions in new wealth, and a reduced deficit.

Politicians and bureaucrats must be held accountable for playing with the integrity of the U.S. dollar. When the dollar is weak, America is weak. When you have unsound money, you get less investment for the things which are unseen today, such as new products. There is less investing for the future if you don't know what the value is of the money you are going to get paid back in. Just as you want an hour with 60 minutes or a foot with 12 inches, you want a dollar with a fixed value.